Dash in the desert

Hello there!

I'm Dash, although you probably know me as Marcin Kurczewski. I'm a freelance programmer and a landscape photographer based in Poland.

As a developer, my goal is not only to create solid software, but also to help my clients ethically generate revenue and achieve their business goals. I work under the assumption that my technical skills and experience serve to support the client in the development of their company, and achieving online success. Regardless of whether I create business card websites or large e-commerce platforms, I always try to make sure that the solutions I propose are a response to real needs and current conditions.

As a photographer, I believe that landscape photography is one of its most beautiful fields and it can be not only a hobby, but also a source of inspiration and positive energy. Looking through the lens of the camera at breathtaking views, I feel like I am part of nature and a unique moment in time. This extraordinary feeling of freedom, harmony and beauty makes photography for me more than a passion – it is also a way of life, a constant discovery and appreciation of the charm that our nature has woven. All this gives me immeasurable joy that I gratefully share with my loved ones. On my website, Wind Garden, I try to put my best photos, and although I know that I still have a lot to learn, I hope they will encourage you, dear Guest, to admire our world together :)